Mid-century modern décor ideas

From vibrant colors and iconic chairs to sleek sideboards and futuristic wallpapers, the mid-century modern design hasn’t gone out of fashion yet. It’s a style easy to live with, instantly stylish, and perfect for contemporary homes and period. It has a look that’s easy to combine with other styles as well. Whether looking to add a flare of mid-century modern vibe to your house or just into interior design, here are some tips and unique mid-century design ideas to inspire you.

Saturated colors

Shades of teal, orange, and mustard are a few bold colors that make up a mid-century modern palette. Although these shades are often blended with warm wood tones, they can make a space feel dated. You can try to pair black or white tones with woods to provide excellent contrast and let it shine as the main focal point.

Iconic designs

Mid-century modern décor comes with its famous items, designers, and silhouettes. When choosing furniture to go in a single room, less is more. Be choosy on your mid-century moments and pair them with pieces from other periods for a more personal feel and look.

Wood paneling

Wood is perhaps one of the most prominent materials of the mid-century modern style, and for most designers, that means ceiling and wall wood paneling. Avoid going full-blown wood as it can be quite overwhelming if you’re to have mid-century décor as well. In particular, wood wall coverings can be slightly off if your room doesn’t get lots of natural light. It would be best if you instead tried less permanent furnishing like decorative wood screens to achieve the same texture and warmth with wood paneling.

Cut block walls

Besides offering an added level of privacy, cut block walls can be used to add a decorative feature to a mid-century modern home. You can have these features in living areas and entryways. When in disrepair, cut block walls can be a little bit tricky to work with, but you can try to make them more modern with slight alterations.

Angular shapes

Angular furniture is an integral part of a mid-century design. The clean look it gives to a room is what makes it so appealing. However, overdoing the same silhouette can make a room appear one-dimensional, so balancing out those angular lines with a few curves is essential.

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